Auction 192

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View Item Details1Maxwell Anderson6x9 sheet of paper, probably removed from a book, signed in black ink "Maxwell Anderson 1951."$25$75$501063
View Item Details2Nathaniel P. Banks3x2 card signed boldly in fountain pen ink, "N. P. Banks, Waltham, Mass."$65$125$65--
View Item Details3Brigitte Bardot8x10 black and white photo of Bardot in the wilderness signed in black Sharpie, "Love Brigitte…$25$75$404391
View Item Details4Jacinto BenaventeAutograph quotation signed in Spanish on 7x5.5 album sheet. English translation reads "A true love…$35$150$751774
View Item Details5Ray Bradbury7x4 FDC honoring the Summer Olympic Games, Wreestling, postmarked 1984 signed in green ink. Includes…$25$65$40107
View Item Details6Ray Bradbury10x8 color photo signed in blue Sharpie "Ray Bradbury 12/29/97."$35$75$351941
View Item Details7Robert J. Burdette4x3 sheet of paper signed "Ever yours Robt. J. Burdette. Ardmore, Pa. May 19, 1885."$15$45$15--
View Item Details8George BurnsInk signature on 8.5x11 blank sheet, signed for the today show and dated in another hand, April 16,…$10$45$10--
View Item Details9Rachel Carter6.5x3.5 FDC honoring 5 cent Air Mail, postmarked 1947, signed in black ink Youngest female pilot to…$35$95$35--
View Item Details10Dick Clark8x10 black and white photograph of a young, smiling Clark signed and inscribed in blue felt pen, "To…$25$75$253168
View Item Details11Samuel ClemensAutograph letter signed "S. L. Clemens," 3.5x5 on black bordered stationery with integral…$500$2200$1450718
View Item Details12Glenn Close8;5x11 front cover only for the premier edition of Living Anew magazine signed in black Sharpie.$15$45$151198
View Item Details13R. Crumb6.5x4.5 French postcard with original vintage photo with caption written by Crumb. On message side,…$75$425$1301774
View Item Details14Jo DavidsonBlue ink signature, dated February 2, 1934 on 3.5x2.5 cardstock.$10$45$10--
View Item Details15Millvina Dean5x3 card signed in black felt pen.$15$75$15--
View Item Details16John Foster Dulles5x3 card with embossedeagle signed in black ink above printed title Secretary of State.$15$55$151063
View Item Details17Maurice Evans5x7 sepia vintage photo of Evans in Shakespearean costume signed in black ink, "Sincerely Maurice…$35$100$3578
View Item Details18Jodie Foster8x10 color photo of a young Foster staring right at the camera signed in blue felt pen.$20$65$601063
View Item Details19Stan Goldberg6x4 card with ink sketches of Archie and Jughead, signed and inscribed "For Liz and her sister.…$35$100$354218
View Item Details20James R. Hoffa6.5x3.5 signed FDC honoring George Meany and Organized Labor signed in black Sharpie.$15$45$554391
View Item Details21Vincente Blanco IbanezALS, 6x9 with adjoining blank leaf on University Club, San Francisco, stationery, in Spanish, February…$50$200$504605
View Item Details22Eugene Ionesco4x2 light orange bookplate signed in black ink.$30$100$65718
View Item Details23Jesse JacksonSigned 8x10 color photo of Jessie Jackson walking in front of the 16th Street First Baptist Church.$25$45$251189
View Item Details24Samuel McCartney JacksonDS "S. M. Jackson," Colorful14x6.5 uncompleted U. S. Internal Revenue for Retail Dealer in…$50$150$503168
View Item Details25Ted Key5x3 card with sketch of Hazel signed in blue ink, "Ted Key and Hazel."$40$100$401774
View Item Details26Rodney King4x3 bookplate signed with his famous quote: "Rodney King. Can we all get along."$50$150$50--
View Item Details27Walter Lantz5.5x3.5 card with ink sketch of Woody signed and inscribed in black ink and dated 1987.$75$200$954391
View Item Details28David LevineOriginal ink cartoon sketch of a fountain pen, sort of looking like a shark with hair on 6x4 card, signed…$35$175$654391
View Item Details29Walter LippmannAmerican public intellectual, writer, reporter, and political commentator famous for being among the…$10$35$203168
View Item Details30J. Farrell MacDonald6.75x4.5 album sheet signed in purple ink.$20$125$204641
View Item Details31Charles MansonFacsimile of signed poem entitled In the Poet’s Eye, with real ballpoint pen signature below and…$50$150$50--
View Item Details32Peter Max4.5x7 color postcard of his 2000 painting Valentine signed and inscribed at top in black Sharpie adding…$75$300$1304391
View Item Details33Robert McCallOriginal signed ink sketch on 4x6 white card of a rocket ship at lift off.$50$150$8076
View Item Details34Joaquin Miller4x5 card signed boldly in black fountain pen ink, "Yours, Joaquin Miller, San Diego, 88."$35$75$351063
View Item Details35Tom Mix2x2.5 irregularly cut paper signed in blue fountain pen ink.$45$150$45--
View Item Details36Paul MuniTLS, 7x10, March 1, 1956, thanking a Mrs. Lewis for her letter and signed boldly in black ink. In part,…$35$150$351774
View Item Details37Anna Q. NilssonInk signature and sentiment "Good Wishes Sincerely Anna Q. Nilsson" on 5.75x3.5 ivory vintage…$15$65$154679
View Item Details38Joe Pasternak6x4 green album sheet signed in ink, circa 1947.$10$45$254218
View Item Details39Roman Polanski6.5x3.5 FDC honoring the 50th anniversary of talking pictures signed and inscribed in blue ink,"To…$50$200$50--
View Item Details40Rosa Ponselle and Eleanor Steber5.5x3.5 printed envelope with ink signatures of Ponselle, Stever and Massimo Freccia (1906-2004), Italian…$25$85$25--
View Item Details41Colin Powell6.5x3.5 FDC honoring General Dwight D. Eisenhower, postmarked West Point, 2002, signed in black ink.$40$100$554391
View Item Details42Colin Powell5x3 card signed in black ink.$20$55$20--
View Item Details43Vincent Price9x7 vintage photo of Price with Hal Linden. An original NBC photo with printed comments on verso. Price…$20$150$201198
View Item Details44Cliff Robertson8.5x6 day player form from the film Summer of ‘42, signed in black ink. He is listed as the narrator…$20$175$20457
View Item Details45Maxie RosenbloomPencil signature circa August, 1945 on 3x2.5 lined paper affixed to a 6.5x4 album page. Round color…$10$20$153168
View Item Details46Harry Ruby10x8 vintage matte-finish photo of Ruby in baseball uniform pointing to his collection of signed photos…$30$125$85498
View Item Details47Pete Seeger5.5x4 white card with hand-drawn banjo signed in black ink.$20$75$653168
View Item Details48Pete SeegerTyped letter signed "Pete," on 8x6 paper, October 1, 1984. In full, "Dear Judi, Sorry…$25$100$25--
View Item Details49Dan Seymour6.5x4 album page signed in pencil circa December, 1945. Small newspaper photo affixed to margin. $15$55$154515
View Item Details50Simone Simon4x6 album sheet signed in black ink circa 1947.$15$45$15--
View Item Details51Gloria Steinem6.5x4 FDC with exquisite color photo of early suffragettes, May 28, 1998 honoring the 19th Amendment.…$15$75$15123
View Item Details52Martha Stewart8x10 black and white photo circa 1980 of a younger, more cheerful Stewart cooking in the kitchen signed…$30$90$30--
View Item Details53Kathy Sullivan6.5x3.5 FDC honoring aviator Helen Montgomery, postmarked 1979, signed in black ink.$25$75$251941
View Item Details54Lyle Talbot8x10 black and white photo, signed and inscribed in blue ink, "To Donald - With my very best wishes,…$15$75$20718
View Item Details55Jessica TandyTLS, 5x8, June 15, 1884 to Helen McDonough. In part, "I am very remiss for not having written to…$10$75$101774
View Item Details56Margaret Thatcher4x3 personal bookplate signed in blue ink.$35$150$354815
View Item Details57Phyllis Thaxter5x7 vintage matte-finish black and white photo of Thaxter signed in black fountain pen in, "Fond…$25$100$254218
View Item Details58Lily Tomlin10x8 black and white photo from the 1980 film Incredible Shrinking Woman, signed in black ink, "love…$15$55$15--
View Item Details59Desmond Tutu8x10 black and white reproduction photo of Tutu with hands outstretched standing before a microphone…$50$200$504763
View Item Details60Gahan WilsonOriginal signed sketch of bats on 6x4 card, signed and inscribed in black ink, "Here’s some…$20$75$204391
View Item Details61Steve Wozniak6.5x3.5 FDC honoring the telephone centennial, signed and inscribed, "To Lee, Woz," postmarked…$15$75$354811
View Item Details62William Wyler3,5x5 restaurant bill dated September 4, 1948 signed in pencil, "W. Wyler." A roast beef sandwich…$35$90$354218
View Item Details63Edward AlbeeOriginal and complete 5.5x8 1963 playbill forWho’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf signed on the cast…$50$150$50--
View Item Details64Katharine CornellOriginal and complete 5.5x8 circa 1947 playbill for Dear Liar signed in blue ink on cast page.$25$75$2578
View Item Details65Judi DenchOriginal and complete 5.5x9 1982 playbill for The Importance of Being Earnest signed by Dench on her…$35$125$353168
View Item Details66Robert DuvallOriginal and complete 5.5x8 playbill forAmerican Buffal signed in blue Sharpie on cast page, "Bob…$25$75$254391
View Item Details67Henry FondaOriginal and complete 5.5x8 1947 playbill for Mister Roberts signed in black ink on cast page.$40$100$454391
View Item Details68Viveca LindforsOriginal and complete 5.5x8 playbill for Dance of the Devil signed on cast page by Lindfors as well…$20$65$20--
View Item Details69Clare Booth LuceOriginal and complete 5.5x8 1983 playbill from The Old Vic for The Women signed in red ink on cast page.$20$65$203168
View Item Details70Ian McKellenOriginal and complete 5.5x9 1985 playbill for The Duchess of Malfi signed on his printed biograph. Also…$35$125$35--
View Item Details71Anthony QuinnOriginal and complete playbill for Tennessee Williams’ The Red Devil Battery Sign signed by Quinn…$25$75$25--
View Item Details72Anne RevereOriginal and complete 5.5x8 playbill for The Children’s Hour signed on cast page by Revere as…$20$60$20--
View Item Details73Richard Rodgers and Mary MartinOriginal and complete 5.5x8 1972 playbill for A Celebration of Richard Rogers signed in black felt pen…$50$150$80107
View Item Details74Liv UllmannOriginal and complete 5.5x8 1977 playbill for Eugene O’Neill’s Anna Christie signed on cast…$20$60$20--
View Item Details75 Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki. Fred Bock10x8 black and white photo signed in black ink, "Fred Bock, Airplane Commander Crew C-13, 393rd…$25$100$354391
View Item Details76Tom BrowkowSigned book: An Album of Memories. Personal Histories from the Greatest Generation. 8x10, hard cover,…$25$65$254391
View Item Details77Otto Carius xxxx5x3 card with color laser printed images signed in black ink.$10$50$10360
View Item Details78Marion E. CarlALS on 8x6 sheet of paper to a collector. In full, "Have been travelling, also now getting a new…$35$125$35--
View Item Details79George Caron3.5x2.5 special printed card signed in blue ink.$15$50$15--
View Item Details80J. J. Jocko ClarkSigned book: Carrier Amerial. By Admiral J. J. "Jocko" Clark with Clark G. Reynolds. 6.5x9,…$40$95$40360
View Item Details81Allen DullesSigned book: The Secret Surrender. By Allen Dulles. 6x9, hard cover, jacket with price clipped. Illustrated.…$40$120$40664
View Item Details82John S. D. EisenhowerSigned book: The Bitter Woods. The Dramatic Story, Told At All Echelons - From Supreme Command to Squad…$35$85$353168
View Item Details83Adolf Galland3.5x6 signed black and white photograph affixed to a black card$75$200$751774
View Item Details84Adolf GallandSigned book: Fighter General. The Life of Adolf Galland. By Colonel Raymond F. Toliver and F. Trevor…$50$150$551774
View Item Details85Adolf Galland6.5x3.5 envelope signed in black felt pen.$35$100$35--
View Item Details86Adolf Galland6.5X4.5 photo of General Galland talking with Adolf Hitler signed in black felt pen in lower white margin.$65$200$651774
View Item Details87William F. HalseySigned book: Admiral Halsey’s Story. By William F.Halsey and Lt. Comdr. J. Bryan. 6.5x9, hard…$150$550$2104825
View Item Details88Hajo Herrmann6.5x3.5 FDC honoring Ann Morrow Lindbergh christening a Boeing 747, postmarked 1977, Roosevelt Field…$15$65$15--
View Item Details89Karl Hollidt6.5x3.5 FDC honoring Dwight Eisenhower signed in blue fountain pen ink.$15$60$15--
View Item Details90Morris JeffersonBlue ink signature on 5x3 card.$15$85$15--
View Item Details91Johnnie Johnson6.5x3.5 FDC honoring Dwight Eisenhower signed in blue fountain pen ink.$25$75$25--
View Item Details92Josef Kammhuber 6.5x3.5 FDC honoring the surrender at Saratoga signed in blue fountain pen ink.$20$60$20--
View Item Details93Walter KrupinskiLimited edition black and white 16x13 lithograph drawing of two different poses of Krupinski in uniform…$35$100$35--
View Item Details94Steve Pisanos8x10 black and white photo of Pisanos wearing his World War II flight outfit signed later in black felt…$20$40$20--
View Item Details95Steve Pisanos8x10 black and white photo of Pisanos wearing his World War II flight outfit signed later in black felt…$15$55$15--
View Item Details96Matthew B. RidgewaySigned book: The Korean War. How We Met the Challenge. How AllOut Asian War Was Averted. Why MacArthur…$50$100$501189
View Item Details97Erich Rudorffer5x3 card with color laser printed images signed in black ink.$20$60$20--
View Item Details98Albert SpeerSigned book: Inside the Third Reich. Memoirs. By Albert Speer. translated from the German by Richard…$75$250$130145
View Item Details99Hans SpeidelSigned book in German: Ludwig Beck. Studien. By Ludwig Beck and Hans Speidel. 6x9, hard cover, jacket…$100$450$100--
View Item Details100Horst von Buttlar-Brandenfels6.5x3.5 FDC honoring Harry Trumanr signed in blue fountain pen ink.$15$60$15--
View Item Details101Franz Von PapenSigned book: Memoirs. By Franz Von Papen. Translated into England from the German by Brian Connell.…$85$225$1802883
View Item Details102Rudolf Von Ribbentrop5x3 card with color laser printed images signed in black ink.$15$60$15--
View Item Details103Gerhard Wagner13x8 black and white Associate Press wirephoto of Gerhard and other German officers surrendering to…$25$100$354391
View Item Details104Walter Warimont6.5x3.5 FDC honoring Harry Truman signed in blue fountain pen ink.$20$65$20--
View Item Details105Elie WieselSigned book: The Gates of the Forest. A Novel by Elie Wiesel. Hard cover, 5.5x8.5, jacket with $4.75…$35$85$35--
View Item Details106Ernest BorgnineSigned book: Ernie: The Autobiography. By Ernest Borgnine. Hard cover, 6x9, jacket with $24.95 price…$25$100$25--
View Item Details107George H. W. BushSigned bookplate: All the Best. George Bush. My Life in Letters and Other Writings. New York: Scribners…$100$350$100--
View Item Details108Michae CaineSigned book: What’s It All About? An Autobiography. By 6.5x9.5, hard cover, jacket with $24 price…$25$95$253995
View Item Details109Jimmy CarterSigned book: The Hornet’s Nest: A Novel of the Revolutionary War. By Jimmy Carter. 6.5x9.5, hard…$45$100$45--
View Item Details110Jimmy CarterSigned letter: Talking Peace. A Vision for the Next Generation. By Jimmy Carter. 6x9, hard cover, jacket…$35$85$801189
View Item Details111Bill ClintonSigned book: My Life. By Bill Clinton. 9.5x6.5, hard cover, jacket with $35 price intact. Illustrated.…$100$275$1104801
View Item Details112Hillary ClintonSigned book. It Takes a Village. 10th Anniversary Edition. With a NewIntroduction by Hillary Rodham…$100$150$140782
View Item Details113Gordon CooperSigned book: Leap of Faith. An Astronaut’s Journey into the Unknown. By Gordon Coopeer. With Bruce…$35$150$503775
View Item Details114Aaron CoplandCopland. 1900 through 1942. By Aaron Copland and Vivian Perlis. Hard cover, 6x9, jacket with $24.95…$45$100$453168
View Item Details115Michael CrichtonSigned book: Prey: A Novel. By Michael Crighton. 6x9, hard cover, jacket with $26.95 price intact. New…$40$100$40--
View Item Details116Bob DoleSigned bookplate: Great Presidential With. (,,,I Wish I Was in the book.) By Bob Dole. 6x9, hard cover,…$35$100$35--
View Item Details117Will and Ariel DurantSigned book. Interpretations of Life. A Survey of Contemporary Literature. The Lives and Opinions of…$35$75$35--
View Item Details118Max GordonSigned book: ‘Max Gordon Presents.’ By Max Gordon in association with Lewis Funke. Hard…$50$250$80718
View Item Details119David GutersonSigned book: Snow Falling on Cedars. Hard cover, 6.5x9.5, jacket with $21.95 price intact. New York:…$75$375$75--
View Item Details120Helen HayesSigned book: A Gift of Joy. Hard cover, 6x9, jacket with price clipped off. Illustrated. Boston: Houghton…$20$85$204218
View Item Details121Katharine HepburnSigned book:The Making of the AFRICAN QUEEN or How I went to Africa with Bogart, Bacall, and Huston…$150$650$260718
View Item Details122Elia KazanSigned book: Alfie. A Life. By Elia Kazan. 6.5x9, hard cover, jacket with $24.95 price intact. Illustrated.…$35$90$351063
View Item Details123Caroline KennedySigned book: Profiles in Courage for Our Time. Introduced and edited by Caroline Kennedy.6x9, hard cover,…$50$150$50--
View Item Details124Henry KissingerSigned book: Crisis. The Anatomy of Two Major Foreign Policy Crises. By Henry Kissinger. Hard cover,…$50$200$50--
View Item Details125(Joe Klein)Signed book: Primary Colors. A Novel of Politics. By Anonymous. 6.5x9, hard cover, jacket with $24 price…$35$65$353168
View Item Details126Jerry LewisSigned book: Dean & Me: A Love Story. By Jerry Lewis and James Kaplan. Hard cover, 6.5x9.5, jacket with…$25$75$251198
View Item Details127Henry MillerSigned book: Always Merry and Bright. The Life of Henry Miller. An Unauthorized Biography. By Jay Martin.…$100$250$200718
View Item Details128Barack ObamaSigned book: The Rise of Barack Obama. Photographs and text by Pete Souza. Hard cover, 9x11, jacket…$300$1500$875718
View Item Details129Anthony QuinnSigned book: One Man Tango. By Anthony Quinn with Daniel Paisner. Hard cover, 6x9, jacket with $25 price…$20$100$201198
View Item Details130Ginger RogersSigned book: Ginger. My Story. By Ginger Rogers. 6.5tx9.5, hard cover, jacket with $22 price intact.…$20$85$304679
View Item Details131Dore ScharySigned book: Heyday. An Autobiography. By Dore Schary. 6x9, hard cover, jacket with $14.95 price intact.…$35$90$35718
View Item Details132Gore VidalSigned booki:The Second American Revolution and other Essays (1976-1982). 6.5x5x9, hard cover, jacket…$25$85$25--